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SHAY DORAN: United Kingdom Businessman Figure, and Photos


SHAY DORAN: United Kingdom Businessman Figure, and Photos

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Shay describes this journey as still very new. Although he’s now spent years exploring our planet, it was not easy getting to the point of self-belief, as for many of us. In the beginning, whilst trying to figure out how to make a new living and work for himself, Shay set up two different consultancy companies, after months of networking, pitching & a lot of hours, neither proved successful in the way he’d dreamed of. Shay recalls points of pulling favours to sleep on friends sofas across London, switching from library to library searching for free wifi, repaying friends by cooking for them. “There’s still a long way to go, though I realised I was putting too much pressure on myself & trying to force a business to happen. Almost to prove to myself that I could do it. I was so focused on trying to be everything to everyone. It took me a few months to realise it wasn’t working, nor was it making me happy.” Shay embarked on a period of intense self-investment whilst getting back out into the world. Reading & listening more than ever before, visiting places & meeting people that had profoundly different ways of thinking.

After months of doing this, Shay’s journey became clear. What he’d spent years doing, was exactly where he wanted to be, it was home for him. Shay realised he could continue his path of exploring our great planet, whilst sharing the fascinating methods & strategies learnt from these incredible minds, to help other people unlock their own freedom of thought & direct their own lives. For many of us, we aren’t where we dreamed we’d be in life. Our routines are not the ones that make us truly happy. This usually equates to us self shaming & self-doubt, it’s unnecessary pressure & keeps us stagnant. Through experiencing this for himself & acting on it, Shay is now living the dreams that once felt so far away & helping others to do the same. He’s building a community of incredible individuals across the world, who are choosing to invest in themselves first & master their own lives by using techniques learnt from the greatest minds. You can find out more about joining the community, and Shay’s journey at

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